S9S008 : Distraub : Motion Signals

Motion Signals is an exploration through a landscape of sound, from beautiful textures, to intricate glitches. Distraub's sounds take you to many places, soft piano flutters, hard droning drill and basses, break speed technical glitchscapes, from dub to ambient, from drum n bass to idm, the path is always interesting. 7 tracks of a new style aptly coined glitchscape infiltrate your spaces. Available April 30, 2007  from Sector 9 Studios. (digital only)

Release Date : May, 2007

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S9S007 : Heliosphere : Hands On Nation

Hands On Nation is the debut release from Heliosphere. Prepare for a journey into futuristic landscapes and dramatic dance club anthems. Combining elements from Trance to Electro Pop, with a dash of EBM and Electronic Noise. Hands On Nation is destined to stay in your player and Ignite dance floors throughout the world.

Release Date : March 2007

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S9S006 : The Parallel Project : Fusion

Fusion brings together a diverse selection of vocalists over intriguing electronic backdrops and rhythms. A mixture of club and mood driven tracks that rides the borders of several electronic music genres.

Release Date : July 2004

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S9S005 System Syn - Premeditated

Intertwining musical elements of Darkwave, Electro and Synth-Future Pop with beautifully tortured melodic vocals to create a dark, intensely personal musical journey. With tracks ranging from viciously aggressive dance anthems to introspective, disturbingly emotional mid tempo pieces, "Premeditated" will infect the worlds dancefloors as quickly as it infects your mind!

Release Date : April 2004

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S9S004 God Module - Empath

The CD's title reflects a departure from the SCI FI themes of the debut God Module disc Artificial. Instead, empath will focus on an area far more personal to it's creator than exposed on earlier works. A place where abstract emotion intertwines with the beauty and horror of human life. Pounding beats and violent rhythm structures intertwine with the infuctious synth melodies to create a sound that defies the current electronic music trends, by melding them all into one.

Release Date : May 2003

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S9S003 Negative Format - Cipher Method

Cipher Method is the new full length cd from Negative Format. It is a journey into the dark recesses of the human mind, unlocking our encrypted thought patterns. Cipher Method was built with complex beat and rhythm structures, mixing negative format's trance melodies with dark atmospheric overtones, aand a mixture of vocoded and ebm vocal passages.

Release Date : February 2003

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