S9S006 : The Parallel Project : Fusion


01. Alcemy feat. Salva Maine
02. Failure feat. Sandrine Gouriou
03. Contrast feat. Ned Kirby
04. Explicit feat. Tom Shear
05. Motive feat. Rashree Devi Matson
06. Recognition feat. Daniel Myer
07. Dissolve feat. Jennifer Parkin
08. Drowning feat. Clint Carney
09. Space & Fiction feat. Darrin Huss
10. Memory feat. Courtney Bangert
11. Trigger feat. Victoria Lloyd
12. Deleted Scenes feat. Mark Jackson
13. Consequence feat. Kristy Venrick
14. Glimpse feat. G. Wygonik

release date : July 2004

Fusion brings together a diverse selection of vocalists over intriguing electronic backdrops and rhythms. A mixture of club and mood driven tracks that rides the borders of several electronic music genres.

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