S9S014 : Cellmod : Adevolve
Having already conquered creations that walk the line between epic and progressive trance, Cellmod sets out to conquer a new evolution in Electronic Music. Enter Adevolve: the latest exploration into Cellmod's experimentation; adapting Trance, Power Noise, and Electro at a near cellular level to introduce a new level of progression.
On his latest venture Cellmod provides lush backgrounds for emotion and energy-tinged vocals from the talents of Rashree Matson of Negative Format and Jared Lambert of Ien Oblique. He continues his foray into the world of exciting collaborations with remixes by Shiv-R and Negative Format. Cellmod's Adevolve continues with the young artist's signature elements of an eclectic range of production wizardry, driving rhythms, and exhilarating compositions all sure to take residence in clubs and playlists across the world.
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S9S013 : Cellmod : Trail Effect
Trail Effect is a glitch laden ride through Hard Trance Territory. Furious synths and grinding bass movements mix perfectly with driving kicks and digitally glitched beats. Trail Effects is tailored for clubs, but still retains exciting and interesting intricate elements. Synth melodies that touch on epic create incredible atmosphere when mixed with driving Hard Trance. Another quality piece of music from Cellmod.
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S9S012 : Lexsine : Ecos
Ecos are the sounds that shape time, the rumblings of existence. Combining elements from the future, and elements from the past, Ecos pulsates with searing percussion, electric acid, and acoustic breaks. A trance piece that demands the listeners attention. Over 8 minutes of pristine trance from Alex Matheu, with a signature sound, a new project is born.

Release Date : November 11, 2008
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S9S011 : Plague Sequence : Novamancer (MP3 Single)
A new single from Plague Sequence that strikes a delicate balance between Psytrance and Progressive Trance. Well placed glitches give it a futuristic feel. Novamancer sets an ominous mood of a cold stark future, with underlying warmth and a hint of hope. The track contains a very intelligent sound that fits listening at home, on the go, or at a club. The production quality on this track is uncanny.

Release Date : October 21, 2008
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S9S010 : Cellmod : Option One

Option One is a breathtaking ride through several dimensions of Trance. Taking on the challenge of tackling Epic Trance while infusing it with a wide array of Progressive elements, this release will make extended visits to your playlist. Intelligent structures combine with hard hitting beats, and animated synths to create incredible atmosphere while remaining dance friendly. Cellmod's excellent proficiency with melody and outstanding production shine through like a beacon in the darkness.

Release Date : July, 2008

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S9S009 : Plague Sequence : Discarded Technology

Plague Sequence : Discarded Technology Dark Psy rhythms, injected with Progressive Trance structures, and intricate percussion, Discarded Technology stimulates your aural senses. Built for both dance floors and listening, this release grips hold of your interest and never lets go. With 9 tracks that mutate into subtle atmosphere, changing, melding, demanding your attention, you owe it to yourself to find the Discarded Technology.

Release Date : October 2007

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