New Signings on Sector 9 Studios [ 4.Apr.2007]

We have great news, we have signed two more artists; Cellmod and Distraub.

Cellmod is a progressive trance project from the home city of Sector 9 Studios, Tampa, FL. After hearing the remixes for scene favorites Psyche, and the new work Cellmod is doing, we are confident that they will continue the Sector 9 tradition of well crafted intelligent tracks. Cellmod can be described as progressive trance, with fantastic atmosphere, incorporating elements of various styles of techno setting his style apart from the typical trance fare so common today.
visit the Cellmod website.

From the creator of Negative Format (Alex Matheu) comes Distraub, described as IDM, with elements of Drum n Bass. Creating textured glitch music with intricate percussion, music that can change from beautiful to chaotic and back without missing a beat. From high speed tracks to downtempo ambient glitchscapes, Distraub creates a new sound that can only be described as IDM...for now.
visit the Distraub website.

Look new releases from both Distraub and Cellmod very soon.

We will also be announcing 2 more signings in the very near future, once all of the details become final.

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Hands on Nation CD Release Parties [23.Mar.2007]
CD Release Parties

March 30, 2007
Savage Garden
DJ Letro
Toronto, Ontario

April 1st, 2007
DJ Igor
MT. Vernon, IA

April 4th, 2007
Gotham Citi
DJ Annabel Evil

West Haven, CT
event invite.

April 8th, 2007
Undead Dark club
DJ Luismi and DJ MORT 
Barcelona, Spain
April 8th, 2007
Vampire's Kiss at Club Blacklight
DJ Eternal Darkness
Seattle, WA
April 21, 2007
The Castle
DJ Tom Gold and
DJ Paradise
Tampa, FL
April 27
Accession @ Orpheus
DJ Chewka
Baltimore, MD



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Heliosphere Hands on Nation Officially Released On Sector 9 Studios [20.Mar.2007]

Heliosphere Hands on Nation is now available for public consumption. At your favorite online shop, and local record store. Order the release digitally as well, exclusively (for a limited time) from the Sector 9 Studios Online Shop.

Hands On Nation is the debut release from Heliosphere. Prepare for a journey into futuristic landscapes and dramatic dance club anthems. Combining elements from Trance to Electro Pop, with a dash of EBM and Electronic Noise. Hands On Nation is destined to stay in your player and Ignite dance floors throughout the world.

Purchase your copy today.

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Sector 9 Studios Digital Shop Now Open [15.Mar.2007]

Digital ShopWe are very proud to announce that the new Sector 9 Studios digital shop is now open. We have created this shop by establishing a partnership with a well respected music service named Musicdock. We are currently in the process of making the entire Sector 9 Studios back catalogue available, in various formats, including : MP3 (320kbps) ; AAC (320kbps) ; and Wav (44.1khz 16bit).

We will be releasing many exclusive releases, that will be available through this service first, along with these high quality formats, releases will also contain bonus material, pictures, videos, etc...

Click on the Shop link at the top or click here to go directly to the :

Official Sector 9 Studios Digital Shop

Keep your eye here for announcements of new signings and new releases!

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Sector 9 Studios Goes Digital [17.Feb.2007]

Sector 9 Studios will soon be offering digital downloads via our new
Digital Shop.

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