New Cellmod Release : "Option One" coming soon [18.Jun.2008]

Cellmod has completed work on his debut album, "Option One". Option One is a breathtaking ride through several dimensions of Trance. Taking on the challenge of tackling Epic Trance while infusing it with a wide array of Progressive elements, this release will make extended visits to your playlist. Intelligent structures combine with hard hitting beats, and animated synths to create incredible atmosphere while remaining dance friendly. Cellmod's excellent proficiency with melody and outstanding production shine through like a beacon in the darkness. Look for Option One exclusively on the Sector 9 Studios digital shop on Tuesday July 1st. Samples coming soon. Look for Option One at major digital outlets soon as well.

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Plague Sequence Live July 18th London [16.Jun.2008]
Plague Sequence is playing live at +one in London on July 18th. If you are in the area definitely check it out. 18th July 2008 @ Lord Nelson 100 Holloway Road, London, N7 8JE
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S9S is Going Digital [10.Feb.2008]

We would like to announce all future releases on Sector 9 Studios will be digital only. To celebrate this change and move our physical stock, we are having a "Going Digital" sale.

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Out now! : Plague Sequence "Discarded Technology" [23.Oct.2007]
Available exclusively at Sector 9 Studios' Digital Shop
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Plague Sequence - Discarded Technology [21.Sep.2007]

Announcing Plague Sequence - Discarded Technology Dark Psy rhythms, injected with Progressive Trance structures, and intricate percussion, Discarded Technology stimulates your aural senses. Built for both dance floors and listening, this release grips hold of your interest and never lets go. With 9 tracks that mutate into subtle atmosphere, changing, melding, demanding your attention, you owe it to yourself to find the Discarded Technology.

Digital Release Date : October 23, 2007

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