Sector 9 Studios Full Steam ahead [ 4.Mar.2006]
Alex Matheu relaunches Sector 9
imageIn an interview with Side-Line, to be published in our February issue (available below in preorder), Alex Matheu (Negative Format) has announced that he is to start the label back up. Matheu: "Sector 9 will continue. We are in search of new artists. We have a compilation that we are planning for 2006. Part of the philosophy of taking Negative Format, and God Module away from Sector 9 Studios, was to alter the image a bit. We want to be taken seriously as a label, and not as a place for us to release our own projects on. So there will be a rebirth soon." In the past Sector 9 released not only a good portion of the Negative Format discs, but also fellow Metropolis signees System Syn and God Module. For more info on the interview click here.
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