Sector 9 Studios featured on Sounds from the Soundbox Episode 7 [ 2.Sep.2010]

Sector 9 Studios was featured on the podcast Sounds from the Soundbox episode 7. A podcast from CRY0G3N.

Twitter: @CRY0G3N

Go have a listen to this excellent new podcast!.

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Cepstrum featured in Iphone application "Audioforge" [20.Apr.2010]

The distraub track "Cepstrum" is featured in an audio Iphone application titled "Audioforge". You will are able to edit the track directly in the application, to create your own custom remix.

Audioforge is the envelope based Swiss army knife for audio files on iPhone. Edit the wave form directly just by touching it. Set selections to copy and paste within files or even paste from another file. Dynamically change volume for fade in effects or the remove unwanted clicks. Adjust stereo balance and set it to the far left channel for the beginning of the track continuously transferring over to the right channel for the end. Add stereo widening effects or bring it all to together to make is sound mono. Add high pass and low pass effects to start an intro, simulate a telephone conversation or just distort your sound.

Use tracker knobs to adjust the effect levels. Add as many trackers as you need by double tapping on the waveform. Move them around to generate the changes to the effect you need. Delete them by double tapping them again.

✦ Volume
✦ Stereo balance
✦ Stereo widening
✦ Low pass filter
✦ High pass filter

Use the built in wifi server to upload music in mp3, im4, wav, aif format.

A video of the application was also released. Audio Forge Video  For more information please visit :  

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Negative Format "Hues of Grey" played on "Weekend Confirmed" [12.Apr.2010]

One of our favorite podcasters, Garnett Lee,played a sample from "Hues of Grey" on his new podcast "Weekend Confirmed" (April 9th, 2010). Go check it out, it is Episode 3.

Garnett used to host my favorite podcast "1up Yours" and is now working for Game Fly on the site Shack NewsHe is doing some amazing work over there, go support his new show and check out the site. You can find "Weekend Confirmed" on Itunes.

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Announcing - Cellmod : Adevolve [ 7.Mar.2010]

Cellmod - AdevolveHaving already conquered creations that walk the line between epic and progressive trance, Cellmod sets out to conquer a new evolution in Electronic Music. Enter Adevolve: the latest exploration into Cellmod’s experimentation; adapting Trance, Power Noise, and Electro at a near cellular level to introduce a new level of progression.

On his latest venture Cellmod provides lush backgrounds for emotion and energy-tinged vocals from the talents of Rashree Matson of Negative Format and Jared Lambert of Ien Oblique. He continues his foray into the world of exciting collaborations with remixes by Shiv-R and Negative Format. Cellmod’s Adevolve continues with the young artist’s signature elements of an eclectic range of production wizardry, driving rhythms, and exhilarating compositions all sure to take residence in clubs and playlists across the world.

Out Now at and everywhere digital releases are available.

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Lexsine and Cellmod - Live - Feb 13th 2009 [27.Jan.2009]

CellmodLexsineLexsine and Cellmod will be playing live together on Friday, February 13th, 2009, in Tampa, FL. Performing tracks from both projects and a few Negative Format tracks as well. Don't miss this first performance, a flyer and more details are after the jump. Official sites

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