distraub is a musical project by Alex Matheu. Alex is the creator of Negative Format and The Parallel Project, distraub is one of his side projects and most personal. He uses the moniker distraub online as well, for postings, and identities. Lets take a stab at describing the sound of distraub, without industry buzzwords, or a silly description to that spews out adjectives that mean nothing.

I would say that distraub has a feel to it much different than what Alex typically does. The intricate beats in distraub are usually in the high bpm range, giving it a flavor similar to drum n bass, and he tends to use soothing sounds behind these quick flashes of drum work to make the compositions sound organic.

and here is the official industry buzzword laden description :

From the creator of Negative Format (Alex Matheu) comes Distraub, described as IDM, with elements of Drum n Bass. Creating textured glitch music with intricate percussion, music that can change from beautiful to chaotic and back without missing a beat. From high speed tracks to downtempo ambient glitchscapes, Distraub creates a new sound that can only be described as IDM...for now.

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