Negative Format

Negative Format is the musical creation of Alex Matheu. From its inception, Negative Format has pushed the boundaries of the electronic music scene. Blending his earlier Electro-EBM influences with his current interests in various styles of Techno and Trance, Alex has developed a sound that is truly his own.

Negative Format brings to Sector 9 Studios a discography that includes 3 critically acclaimed full-length CD releases:

· Pathologic Syndrome
· Result Of A New Culture
· Distant Pulses

as well as a collection of high profile remix work which includes some of the biggest names in the electronic scene.

With an ever-growing global fan base, Negative Format has already become a staple on dance floors throughout the world. Now together with Sector 9 Studios, NF prepares the next phase of the project's evolution.

Now out on Sector 9 Studios
Static EP July 2002
Cipher Method CD February 2003
Moving Past The Boundaries 2005 (on Metropolis Records) (Available from Sector 9 Studios)

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