Plague Sequence

The project consists of Pete Crane, originally from Sydney but now living in London. Pete is known for creating the music for electro/trip hop act The Crystalline Effect. The Crystalline Effect's debut album "Glass" was released in 2005 on Poland's Black Flames Records, and a new EP and album are due for release soon on Hungary's Advoxya Records. Pete has also DJed since 2004 under the moniker of Virulent and is an active remix artist, having remixed renowned acts such as Implant, Skoyz and Alien Produkt, among others.

Currently signed to US-label Sector 9 Studios, Plague Sequence has an extensive live history in Australia, having played in numerous cities in a headlining capacity and at outdoor psytrance festivals including REGEN '07 (with 3000 people) and supporting Broken Toy.

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