Heliosphere was established as a solo project by William Bates in 2001 and was then joined by Andrew Davies in 2003. With the release of All Eyes Nation, the band's first single, they gained an immediate following with their breathtaking style - switching from hard, futuristic industrial techno to pummeling dancefloor futurepop and melodic uptempo electro. In 2005, Rob Ziarkowski was added to the live lineup, providing expanded live synths and backing vocals.  Heavily influenced by trance and future-pop; this Minneapolis-based group combines aggressive beats and club worthy synths to provide an always impressive, razor-sharp live performance.

Hands On Nation is the debut release from Heliosphere. Prepare for a journey into futuristic landscapes and dramatic dance club anthems. Combining elements from Trance to Electro Pop, with a dash of EBM and Electronic Noise. Hands On Nation is destined to stay in your player and Ignite dance floors throughout the world.

Photography by Miles Schuster
Copyright 2007

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