God Module

God Module combine elements of EBM, Techno, Darkwave and Synth Pop to create a style of music that is as powerful as it is melodic. Pounding beats mix with unforgettable synth hooks and creatively effected vocals to make up the sound that has taken the underground electronic music scene by storm.

God Module brings a small but impressive discography with them to Sector 9 Studios. Their debut CD Artificial was deemed as one of the most impressive debuts in the electro world in years.

· Artificial [2000]

After this release GM appeared on numerous compilations and have also accumulated a long list of remix work by mixing some of the genres most affluent artists.

Together with Sector 9 Studios, God Module will continue their ongoing transformation into one of this scenes most dominant artists.

· Perception EP [July 2002]
· Empath CD [November 2002

God Module live:

Jasyn Bangert & Byron C. Miller

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